Gas Mixtures

Air Liquide - A recognised world leader in the production of calibration gases that are engineered to meet a wide range of measurement and process control requirements.

Manufactured with a high degree of accuracy and metrology institute traceability, we utilise proprietary leading-edge technology to produce stable gas mixtures ranging from binary gases to multi-component bespoke blends with component concentrations as low as parts-per-billion.

Our standard gas mixtures are listed below.  Use the filters to find the right mixture for your application or use our online customised configurator to request a quotation for your exact requirement.


Filter Results
  • Product Family

    • Aerobic/Anaerobic Growth
    • Ambient
    • EN437 Test Gas
    • FID FUEL
  • Grade

    • -
    • ALPHAGAZ™ 1
    • Dual Compliance Euro VI / US EPA 1065
  • Purity

    • -
    • 99.5
    • >99.9995
  • Size (Litres)

    • 2L
    • 10L
    • 40L
    • 45L
    • 50L
    • Pack (50L x 16)