Gas Mixtures

Air Liquide - A recognised world leader in the production of calibration gases that are engineered to meet a wide range of measurement and process control requirements.

Manufactured with a high degree of accuracy and metrology traceability, we utilise proprietary leading-edge technology to produce stable gas mixtures ranging from binary gases to multi-component bespoke blends with component concentrations as low as parts-per-billion.

Below are some of our standard gas mixtures that are commonly used.  Use the filters to find the right mixture for your application or inquire for calibration or process mixtures that are not displayed in the product catalogue.

Filter Results
  • Product Family

    • Aerobic Growth
    • Ambient
    • EN437 Test Gas
    • FID FUEL
  • Grade

    • -
    • Dual Compliance Euro VI / US EPA 1065
  • Purity

    • -
    • 99.5
    • >99.9995
  • Size (Litres)

    • 2L
    • 5L
    • 10L
    • 40L
    • 45L
    • 50L
    • Pack (47L x 14)
    • Pack (50L x 16)