CO2 Equipment

We offer a wide range of CO2 equipment to customers around the world. Our range includes.

CO2 vaporisers. Turning liquid CO2 into gas, we offer our HP electric range, low energy ambient air models and steam operated versions for larger industrial users. The range covers your production needs from as little as 12 kg per hour through to 2000 kg per hour. Used extensively in industries from Micro Brewing through to Power Stations, we offer a model to ideally suit your application.

Low Pressure Transfer Pumps The Smith range, for use on road tankers or static installations. Available in a wide range of capacities, reversible to allow emptying and filling of tanks, a range of fitting options to cover every type of installation and the "Superseal" system to give a low maintenance long life.

High Pressure CO2 Pumps. For cylinder to cylinder filling, in various capacities. Offered in basic pump or complete with recharge units. Models available for bulk or cylinder pack supply.

Cylinder Valve Guards. Available in your choice of colour and with optional printing, you can customise exactly as you wish. Thread diameters to suit standard gas industry cylinders and offered in cost effective ABS or Nylon material. Tested and approved to the latest ISO standards to give protection to your valves on cylinders up to 50 kg in weight. 

Jetfreezer. Designed with the help of plumbing experts, Jetfreezer offers a fast simple method of freezing copper pipes up to 100 mm in diameter by injecting CO2 into a specially designed pipe jacket. Allowing you to safely and easily carry out work on plumbing systems without the need to drain the system. Once the pipework is frozen, the long working time of 45 minutes can easily be extended by adding more CO2.

Snowpack. A quick and simple way to produce large ice discs from a cylinder of CO2. Designed for laboratory and Educational use, we even provide gloves to give peace of mind hand protection during use.

CO2 Fittings & Valves. A one stop shop for all your installation needs, from adaptors, unions and washers through to pipework and valves. We carry extensive stocks for immediate dispatch.

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