Stable Isotope Ratio Reference Gase

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Air Liquide offers stable isotope ratio reference gases with high analytical accuracy, required compositions, and targeted isotopic signatures. The five most commonly used elements in stable isotope research (C, O, H, N, and S) are currently available with a large range of isotopic ratios. Air Liquide provides stable isotope ratio reference gases in cylinders with sizes adapted to your needs.

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Air Liquide stable isotope ratio reference gases are categorized into two groups: standard products and custom products:

  • Standard products are “ready to be shipped”
  • Custom products with customer specific molecular and isotopic composition (from ppm to %) that can be designed upon request

If a specific gaseous reference material with an isotopic ratio is required, Air Liquide is here to satisfy your unique requirements. Together we find the best possible solution for your business.

Earth Science & Environment
Isotopic signatures for comprehensive understanding of pollution sources

Food authentication
Isotopic analysis to track the origin of Food

Petroleum Geochemistry
Isotopic analysis to support accurate exploration and production development planning

Proficiency Testing Programs
Assessment of Accuracy through comparison